To book a place on a retreat or a workshop, visit the Calendar page to view upcoming retreats and events and follow the instructions.

Retreat Charges

All retreats led by a monastic and some retreats led by lay teachers held at Sunyata are offered on a donation basis. This  policy is  symbolic of the priceless nature of the Dhamma and upholds the principle that the Dhamma be accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances.

This means that there is no charge to attend a retreat led by a monastic at Sunyata. At the end of all such retreats, there will be the opportunity to make an anonymous donation to contribute to the running costs of the centre.

This  policy does not apply to retreats taught by lay teachers at Sunyata nor to off-site retreats, for example those held at St.Flannan’s.

For  events with a cost, it is necessary to pay in advance of the retreat. This can be done online by clicking on the appropriate retreat name and then on the “Book Now” button.

As a guideline (based on our annual running costs) it is estimated that the cost per person per day of attending a retreat at Sunyata is €45.

Retreat Programme

Retreats are usually conducted in silence, apart from the instructions and talks by the teacher, and based on the Buddhist Eight Precepts, unless otherwise stated.

Should you have any questions regarding coming on retreat, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below is a typical schedule for a weekend retreat.

Typical  Retreat Schedule


6:30    Soup & Orientation Talk

8:00   Opening Meditation & Talk


6:00: Morning Bell

6:30: Meditation

7:15: Breakfast

8:00: Working Meditation

8:45 -11:30: Morning practice

11:30 Main Meal [Noble Silence]

2:00: Afternoon practice

5:00: Tea & break

7:30: Evening chanting, meditation & talk                                 


6:00: Morning Bell

6:30 Meditation

7:15: Breakfast

8:00 Working Meditation

8:45-11:30: Morning practice

11:30 Main Meal [Noble Silence]

2:00: Afternoon practice

4:00: Retreat Ends &Tea


Most residential retreats will follow the code of conduct outlined in the eight precepts:

The Eight Precepts:

  1. Harmlessness: not intentionally taking the life of any living creature.
  2. Trustworthiness: not taking anything that is not given.
  3. Chastity : refraining from any sexual activity.
  4. Right Speech: retreatants are asked to maintain ‘noble silence’, that is not engaging in any talk with each other, or anyone else, unless it is really necessary.
  5. Sobriety : not taking any intoxicating drinks or drugs.
  6. Restraint : not wearing make-up, perfume or strongly-scented deodorant,  jewellery or immodest clothing; not playing radios, music tapes or musical instruments.
  7. Alertness: to refrain from overindulgence in sleep.
  8. Refrain from eating after main meal…