Position title: Centre Manager
Location: Residential at Sunyata Buddhist Centre

About Sunyata:
Established in 1998, Sunyata Buddhist Centre is nestled on a 10-acre property, operated under the guidance of a board of trustees and supported by a dedicated community of volunteers. As a registered charity (No: 20205822), our operations are entirely funded by public donations. Sunyata has earned a reputation as a place of openness, offering a welcoming environment to all. We are committed to providing residential retreats and a broad spectrum of events centred around Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation. With over 300 residential retreats and weekend workshops hosted and more than 5000 attendees since our inception, our centre remains a vibrant space for spiritual exploration.
Our diverse programs include monthly women’s day retreats, beginner’s meditation workshops, children’s creative mindfulness sessions, community work days, and annual Family Camps. We regularly host Buddhist monks and nuns, with plans to have monastics
permanently residing on-site in the near future.

Sunyata Buddhist Centre seeks a dedicated individual to take on the role of residential Centre Manager. This position involves living onsite and overseeing the day-to-day operations of our unique centre, ensuring the continuation of our various offerings. The role includes a wide array of responsibilities, from preparing for retreats, providing a space for guests, maintaining the daily schedule and the care of visiting monastics. The ideal candidate will have a deep interest in Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation, embodying
our centre’s ethos of openness and welcoming to all who visit.

Key Responsibilities:
● Manage guest accommodation including booking processes, guest reception.
● Overseeing maintenance of facilities.
● Support the offering of retreats, coordinating with visiting teachers and retreat managers and ensuring a smooth experience for participants.
● Provide dedicated support and care for visiting monastics, ensuring their stay is comfortable and their needs are met.
● Oversee the centre’s daily operations, maintaining schedule and precepts, and overseeing procurement of supplies.
● Report to the board of trustees and liaising on the centre’s operations.

● A strong affinity with Buddhist principles and a deep commitment to fostering an open, friendly, and inclusive environment.
● Strong management skills, with the ability to oversee a broad range of tasks and projects and a deep commitment to treating others with respect .
● Outstanding communication skills, capable of representing Sunyata and building meaningful connections with guests, retreat participants and visiting teachers.
● A versatile, adaptable and practical approach, ready to tackle both administrative and hands-on tasks.
● The ability to work flexibly and adaptively in a dynamic, community-focused setting.
● Comfortable keeping Buddhist precepts, form and schedule while on site.
● A full Irish driver’s license.

● An opportunity to contribute meaningfully to a spiritual community dedicated to mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism.
● The chance to deepen your practice by living in a retreat centre that adheres to the Buddhist precepts, with daily meditation sessions and regular retreats.
● An opportunity for solitary retreat in Sunyata’s nature cabin, offering a unique environment for personal reflection and meditation.
● Opportunity to meet and receive guidance and support from a wide range of experienced teachers
● Opportunity to take part in Sunyata’s many residential retreats
● Opportunity to suggest new offerings and ways to grow Sunyata’s presence in the community.
● A designated board member available as support
● Food and accommodation provided, along with a dedicated living space.
● This is a very flexible position and we try to build it around the needs and circumstances of indivduals who are interested. If you are interested in this role, please contact us for further details.

How to Apply:
Fill out this form with details of your interest at the earliest opportunity.
Closing date is 2nd of June.

We look forward to welcoming a dedicated individual to join our community in this essential role. Any questions regarding the specifications of the role can be addressed by email to Heike: [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read this description and for considering supporting us in this way.