Sunyata volunteers are currently building a wooden cabin in our forest for the purpose of solitary retreats. It will be available for anybody to use on a donation basis. The cabin is being built almost entirely from natural materials, mostly sourced from the Sunyata forest in which it stands. These trees were already being felled as part of the plan to regenerate the woodland.

The frame of the cabin was built from roundwood larch timbers using traditional joinery techniques and almost entirely with only chisels and mallets (themselves made from the surrounding trees). It is planned that the cabin will have strawbale walls and a living roof.

We have been heavily indebted to Sam Jensen, carpenter and timber framer, who has volunteered so much of his time teaching us as well as helping us on the build so far.

If you would like to find out more about the project, lend a hand, or donate towards the cost of materials, please speak with Paul or Colm. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.