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Walking and Camping Retreat in the Burren led by Sr. Jinho

July 29, 2022 @ 10:30 am - August 2, 2022 @ 4:00 pm

On this retreat we will investigate what the state of body and mind will be like through the practice of single-minded walking, eating, cooking, sleeping, swimming.


We can ask ourselves:


How does this practice relate to Buddhist practice and ordinary daily living?

What community life teaches about oneself, emotional state and inner world?

The walking retreat wishes to facilitate participants to discover answers for above questions.

This mindful walking and camping retreat focuses on the practice of walking and camping in the heart of the Burren. During the 5 days we will co-create a practice-community and share responsibilities in looking after the camp, cooking and other chores. Each day we will explore the wilderness and beautiful nature as well as one’s inner world and vision of the future. The main activity will be mindful walking on local trails and day hikes (10-20km per day), which we will do as a group. Other activities will include morning/evening meditation, yoga/mindful stretching, mindful swimming and others. We will explore and discover what Buddha Nature is within all beings. Together we will learn to live in harmony with mother nature as well as oneself and each other.


Requirements for attending this retreat

  • Willing to learn and to understand the practice of taking refuge in the triple jewels, the 8 precepts and the four great vows as personal practice.

  • Being able to live in a simple outdoor camping space. The retreat will take place on a private piece of land without running water for showers or electricity. We will use a compost toilet, cook using gas top stoves and personal washing will only be possible in a nearby lake and/or using a simple bucket system. Please consider carefully if you are comfortable with these very basic facilities before deciding to come on the retreat.

  • Being physically able to participate in the retreat. Before signing up for the retreat please ensure that you are physically able to walk between 10 and 20km each day. The terrain in the Burren can be rough in places so please only sign up for the retreat if you feel comfortable with this.*

  • Living in harmony with nature. During the retreat, we will be making a strong determination to live harmoniously with the surrounding environment and to leave no trace of any kind. Please do not bring any products containing chemicals and please be willing to show the utmost respect to the land. We will be very mindful about not disturbing the natural wildlife of the Burren by not leaving any rubbish, picking flora or disturbing wildlife.

  • To participate it is necessary to attend the entire retreat.

*Unfortunately, as this is the first time we are trying this kind of retreat, we are unable to accommodate people who can not meet the physical requirements. If you are unable to meet them, there will be other events with Sister Jinho and others over the course of the Summer in which you can participate (please email for more info).

Booking (by filling out the booking form) is essential as there are limited number of spaces available.

This retreat is offered on a donation basis. There is no fixed charge to attend . This is influenced by the Buddha’s teaching on the cultivation of generosity or dana.

This means that anyone who wishes to attend the retreat may do so regardless of their financial circumstances. We can provide guidance at a later date on the costs of running this retreat, should this be a useful to people, however there is no need to meet this.

Sample Daily Schedule  (please note that this schedule is a guide only and subject to changes)

6:00 am – Morning Bell/preparing breakfast

6:30 am Morning puja/meditation/swimming

8:30 am Mindful Eating/Breakfast/washing up

9:30 am -3.30pm Yoga and stretching/Mindful Walking Practice/picnic lunch/rest/Walking Practice

3:30 pm- 5:30pm Silent mindful working//Community cooking/tea

6:00 pm Evening supper/washing up/swimming

7:30 pm Evening puja/meditation/Dharma reflection/Mindful listening/sharing

10:00 pm Lights out

Sister Jinho has been an ordained nun in the Chan (Chinese Zen) Buddhist tradition for over 20 years. She was ordained by Chan Master Sheng-Yen in Dharma Drum Mountain monastery, Taiwan.

For the last 10 years she has mostly lived in Europe. She had the role of Buddhist Chaplain in Bristol University where she led meditation groups and offered spiritual guidance to students and others in the surrounding area. During this time she taught in many places across Europe, including Ireland, Germany, U.K., and Russia.

Two years ago, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, she started a twice-daily online meditation group which included students from Bristol as well as many practitioners from the UK, Ireland and other countries. This group has formed into an online sangha who have continued to meet daily in the mornings and evenings to meditate, share Dharma reflection, and form much-needed connections and support. She has continued to lead this group from Taiwan since she returned there last September. Sr. Jinho has been hosting young person’s retreats for 12 years, bringing young people together to be in nature and practise the Dharma. Last Summer, She initiated 3 months long young persons’ camping retreats in Serene Valley, Wales. Through these vehicles, Sister Jinho has offered support to many people in both the UK and Ireland throughout the course of the pandemic over these last years.

Sister Jinho has a long-standing association with the Irish sangha and Sunyata Buddhist Centre and has taught various retreats and events at the centre over the years, including the annual Family Camp. She is known for her creative and compassionate approach to teaching and always has energy for new projects to bring people together in the Dharma.

She will be returning to Europe from Taiwan for several months this Summer, including two months in Ireland, where she will be teaching and leading retreats and events in various locations. Many of us who are students and Dharma friends of hers are looking forward to welcoming her back to Ireland and practising together again. The idea of a walking retreat manifested as a special and different way to come together and practise, both for those who are new to practise or are more experienced.


July 29, 2022 @ 10:30 am
August 2, 2022 @ 4:00 pm