Please read all of the information below carefully

  • Guests will be asked to stay for a minimum of 2 nights to minimise the amount of cleaning necessary between guests

Public health requirements

  • We ask all guests to understand that all measures put in place for visitors are related to our statutory requirements as a public and residential space and the limited amount of resources we have as volunteers to meet cleaning/public health guidelines.
  • As always, we remain fully committed to Sunyata being an open space for all of the community to avail of, however we must also adhere to public health guidelines. Therefore it is necessary for all guests to fully commit to following the outlined procedures before booking to stay

New Guests

  • Unfortunately we are not able to open to new guests at this time, it is necessary to have stayed at Sunyata before as an overnight guest outside of retreat time. This is so guests are familiar with the running of the accommodation and the centre.

Guest Accommodation

  • The ‘farmhouse’ is allocated as the guest accommodation. A maximum of 2 people will be able to stay at any one time in the farmhouse. Each guest will have their own bathroom/shower and their own bedroom. Only the farmhouse and the Dhamma hall will be open to guests and all other buildings will remain closed.
  • Due to social distancing regulations related to public spaces it will not be possible to open the kitchen to guests at this time, breakfast and lunch will be provided for volunteer guests in the farmhouse.
  • Guests are required to commit to cleaning the shared space in the farmhouse twice daily and sanitising ‘touch points’ as well as to follow the other guidelines required by public health advice such as using hand sanitiser/social distancing, cough etiquette and hand washing.

If you do not feel comfortable with following these procedures it may be best to delay visiting to a future date

Health questionnaire

Guests are required to commit to the following guidelines

  • A person who feels unwell on the intended day of arrival, should cancel their visit
  • A person who is confirmed case, a suspected case or a close contact of a suspected case within 14 days of their visit should cancel their visit 
  • A person who becomes unwell while here, needs to return home.
  • If after being here, a person contracts the virus, they should let us know.

Please do not attend the centre if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

– Sore throat

– Runny nose

– Temperature/ hot or cold flushes

– Loss of taste and/or smell

– Cough

– Difficulty breathing

Do you understand and agree to the above guidelines?

Full Name

Contact number


Proposed Arrival Date

Proposed Departure Date