We are currently seeking a volunteer to undertake the role of treasurer for Sunyata Buddhist Centre. The treasurer plays a vital role in managing the financial affairs of the centre, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and compliance with financial regulations and governance. This volunteer position requires a commitment to supporting the spiritual community by maintaining financial records, overseeing budgeting, and providing financial guidance to facilitate the centre’s mission and objectives.
Like all our volunteers, the treasurer makes a significant difference in supporting Sunyata’s work in the community. This role is instrumental in upholding the integrity and sustainability of Sunyata, thus enabling us to continue serving our community with compassion and wisdom.


o Maintain accurate financial records including income, expenses, and donations.

o Contributing to general decision-making at board meetings.

o Adhering to the board trustee code of conduct.

o Develop and oversee budgets in collaboration with the centre’s board of trustees and in alignment with Buddhist principles.

o Attending monthly board meetings (held online), and presenting a financial report to other trustees.

o Ensure compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements.

o Provide financial guidance and recommendations to support the centre’s initiatives in a way that reflects the values of our Buddhist

Person specification:

o Accountancy qualification.

o Proficiency in accounting principles and financial management.

o Experience with financial software (e.g., QuickBooks, Excel).

o Deep motivation to support the work of Sunyata Buddhist Centre and to contribute to fulfilling the centre’s vision.

o Commitment to the values and principles of Sunyata Buddhist Centre.

How to apply:
Interested candidates are invited to write a brief email to us outlining:

Their motivation for applying for the Volunteer Treasurer position and their interest in supporting Sunyata Buddhist Centre.

Their experience and credentials in accounting, finance, or related fields.

Their experience with Buddhist practice and/or involvement with Sunyata.

Please send your email to [email protected] at the earliest opportunity. Closing date is the June 2nd.
We look forward to welcoming a dedicated individual to join our community in this essential role.
Any questions regarding the specifications of the role can be addressed by email to Heike: [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read this description and for considering supporting us in this way. Volunteers are the heart of Sunyata and we are deeply grateful to everyone who has and continues to support the centre.