Fundraiser to Secure the Future of Sunyata

We have launched a fundraising campaign because the future of Sunyata is at risk. Sunyata needs your support to sustain this wonderful refuge. If you feel you can make a financial contribution, no matter how small, or if you would like more information, please go to our GoFundMe page by clicking here.

Fundraising Campaign

Luang Por Sumedho to visit Sunyata

Sunday 31st October 2021

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Coronavirus Measures

Update on visiting Sunyata

In line with currently applicable Covid restrictions it is possible to attend pujas. Please fill in the contact form in the hall if you attend. It is also possible to visit the meditation hall and the grounds for private meditation/worship/prayer between 10am-5pm daily pre-booking with at least 24h advance notice is essential for this, and can be made via this form. Social distancing and hygiene rules are in operation. At the moment we have a limited number of spaces available for overnight stays, while respecting the current measures and the capacity of the centre. If you are interested in staying please contact us via: [email protected]
Thank you.