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The centre is primarily devoted to the teaching of Vipassana or Insight Meditation as taught in the Thai Forest tradition of Theravada Buddhism in the lineage of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho.

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Upcoming Events

Due to the current pandemic, Sunyata has cancelled all on-site events until further notice. Please see our coronavirus announcement for further details.

In the meantime, we are live-streaming a number of online events, details for which you can find here.

Coronavirus Measures

Update on Phased Reopening of Sunyata

Level 5 Update:

  • Because of Level 5 restrictions, it is no longer possible to come and stay at Sunyata overnight.
  •  Pujas will remain closed to the public at this time, however it is possible to come and use the Dhamma Hall privately during the day, between 9am-5pm. Please find further information and complete a booking form here if you would like to do so.