About Sunyata

Sunyata Buddhist Centre is a retreat centre based on a 10 acre property in rural County Clare. The centre is devoted to, and inspired by the Thai Forest tradition of Buddhism particularly the lineage of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho, who opened our Dhamma hall in July 2000.

Since 1998 the centre has been offering residential retreats and a wide variety of other events to those who wish to learn about Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation. It also welcomes people to come and stay to sample spiritual community life.

Sunyata’s activities are made possible by a community of volunteers, and all offerings, from Dhamma books to retreats, are offered on the basis of anonymous donation. In this way, we hope that the benefits of Dhamma can be availed of by anybody, regardless of their means. Similarly, people of all faiths or none are equally welcome at Sunyata.

We regularly host Buddhist monks and nuns both to teach retreats and also stay during other times of the year.

Our vision is to continue the work of our retreat centre and to establish a monastery in the Thai forest tradition of Buddhism.

Upcoming Events

We are live-streaming a number of online events, details for which you can find here.

Visiting Sunyata

Sunyata won’t be available for overnight stays from 15th of January until 12th of February, there will be no morning and evening pujas during this time with the exception of Wednesday evening sits.