Dear friends, 

We are overjoyed to let you know that our goal of €100,000 has been raised and the campaign to Secure the Future of Sunyata has been a success. This is a landmark moment for Sunyata. It means that we can now fully repay the loan that has been on our property and ensure the continuity of the centre. This has been an aspiration of ours for a long time. It has been truly inspiring and touching to witness the generosity from so many different people throughout this campaign, and so very encouraging to see the power of Dana in our communities. We have been  moved by how many people care about Sunyata and have wanted to support in all kinds of ways. 

There were countless people involved in the success of this campaign and we can not express how grateful we are to each and every one of you who supported us, whether that was through donating, helping with fundraising events, or spreading the news of our efforts. We are amazed that in the end there were 412 donations on our GoFundMe page. Thank you so much to everyone who donated in this way – every donation is deeply appreciated. 

Fundraising events were a crucial part of the campaign. Our hope when we started out was that it would be grassroots in it’s approach, and something that could bring our community together and strengthen the connections between us. We were so glad to see this happen many many times during the various events that were organised. We would like to express our thanks to all those who organised, helped to run and participated in these events. Each contribution was precious. 

So many people have been involved in supporting this campaign that it would not be possible to thank everyone individually. However we would like to express our profound gratitude to the members of the fundraising committee, all of those who put so much effort into organising events, those who provided us with advice and to the wider community for getting behind this effort’, and everyone who gave in the way of donations.

Going forward

We feel blessed to be able to say that our campaign has been completed earlier than we expected!  And as a result, there are fundraising events that have yet to reach fruition.  Many of the buildings in Sunyata are in need of repair and we have rarely had the funds available to do this properly. As we said at the beginning of the campaign, any excess funds will go towards this much-needed building repair work. As we have events that are already in the process of being planned and organised, we have decided that these events will be carried out. All funds raised from these events will go towards repairing our buildings. 

Thank you again for all of your generous support and heartfelt efforts throughout this campaign. Now that the future of Sunyata has been secured, our aim is to continue our vision to provide a place to practice the Dhamma for many generations to come. 

You can see our completed GoFundMe campaign page here.