On residential retreats, retreatants are housed in our two dormitories and cottage. We do not offer single rooms. It is also possible to stay offsite in a local B&B and commute to and from retreats from there.

What to Bring on Retreat

  • own sheets, pillow, pillowcase, duvet / sleeping bag
  • towels and toiletries
  • loose, warm, comfortable clothing
  • outdoor shoes and coat for walking meditation
  • slippers or thick socks for indoor wear
  • perhaps ¬†ear plugs, and an umbrella or other rain gear.
  • As most of our retreats are under the terms of noble silence we encourage people not to bring audio devices such as MP3 players and CD players. Out of respect for other retreatants and one’s own retreat experience, please switch off mobile phone for the duration of the retreat
  • If you are bringing a clock we ask you not to bring a ticking clock, as this will disturb other people. A digital or non-ticking clock or watch is fine.